Wednesday, September 23, 2009

8 Days a Week.

8 Days a week.

Kind of fitting that a Beatles song about love being a privilege is the title of this blog, as Jane’s arrival is in 8 days. It’s pretty crazy how fast it goes...again this is a blog from my point of view (I can hear all the ladies saying in unison, “went by fast for you, you’re not pregnant.”) Again for me it went fast...for Jen, not so much but I do think it’s been quicker than she expected...

So a whole lot has happened in the span of 8 months and 3 weeks. We have gone from jobless and having nothing to being overly worked ;) and extremely content...all the while awaiting the arrival of our newest family member Jane....

This past week we have spent relaxing and spending as much quality time together as possible and it’s been a blast! We finished the baby room finally, and I attached a pic to see what everyone thinks, it’s a bit different than your average baby room, but hey so are we...

Also the entire baby room was incident free...well almost, minus the moment that I walk into the room and Jen is standing on a chair reaching as high as she can to paint part of the wall... while 8.5 months pregnant... That didn’t make me too happy, but the mental picture of her reaching up pregnant on a rickety chair was funny (especially since she did not hurt herself).

So eight days to go till I am a father, and I am the responsible male figure in Jane’s’s crazy how this whole situation arrived in our lives at the time it did...both of us unemployed, and without any time or money to raise a child...yet here it is..Not much time has passed and we are more ready than either of us ever imagined... So before all this craziness that is Jane arrives, I want to take a minute, on behalf of both Jen and I, to thank our parents, step parents, and grandparents for the ability to translate life, love, laughter, and direction to both us all the while allowing us to grow as individuals and prepare us for this new adventure......again parents and grandparents.....thank you a ton.

And thank you ahead of time for the babysitting.


  1. I want that room! Do you think I'll fit in the crib?

  2. I love the room! It turned out great. The next 8 days will fly for you, and drag for Jen most likely. As for babysitting... no need for thanks, just hand over the baby! We love you guys.