Friday, December 11, 2009

Movin' and Shakin'

So a lot of things are happening around my neck of the woods right now... Life is buzzin' for sure thanks to the arrival of Jane of course... and I am almost 30 and excited about that... and the three hundred other things that Jen and I have managed to walk from unscathed this past year rolled up with some laughs and consistent reminders of who we are and what we are capable of as people.

(If sentiments make you sick, then just skip the next paragraph as the following paragraph basically just talks about going to the gym and taking Jane to her first UFC fight)

So today was the first time I really saw my parents' jobs from a different angle, due to becoming a parent myself of course. They did a wonderful job with me, seriously... a good job - I can't think of any complaints I have on anything they did as parents except for holding back on some of their funniest stories because I was 7... Today I had my "first as a parent" somewhat heartfelt chat with my mom about just life (and all the madness of the past few months) and the year for her... especially since her mother/my grandmother passed away before Jane's birth... and I realized for the first time in 29 years that the conversation she just had with me was the best part of her day (as it was mine) and the #1 priority on her list is me... (yes Linda, my wonderful sister, you and I share that same spot) ;) I always "knew" that in the past but I never "understood" it til Jane...

But now I know how it feels to be on the other end of that... I have realized being back at work that if Jen sends me a text and says "Jane's bottom just blew out again and she shit on her nipples" that for that moment that's the best shit that has ever occurred in my life; it doesn't matter that it's about shit, it's that it's Jane and that's a helluva feeling... and my goodness does she love to shit ;)

With that, we are all doing well. Jane's been home for about 11 days and she is doing great and sleeping a bit better at night. She keeps us entertained when she is awake and she is developing just like every other baby... by as much as she wants and makes effort to talk (I wonder where that came from) - it looks like she will say her first word in the next few days or so; we will keep you and the Guinness book of World Records posted... Jen and I are hoping for "burrito" but will settle on anything that's understandable, or English, or Spanish since I can speak it like a 2ND grader... or pig Latin.

What if the first thing she said was burrito? Who knows... I'd probably be too hungry to notice... ;)

Ryan, Jen, and Jane.