Tuesday, September 29, 2009

48 Hours...WOW!!

Now we are really close!(Phew) We are both getting excited of course, and all the family is starting to arrive which is great! Jen's mother made the trip from across the pond on Saturday and it's nice to have her in town for sure! Jen is ready for the baby to be out and a margarita (me too). So, Thursday at 4:30 is when Jane is expected to arrive and I will definitely be making sure that everyone is in the loop as soon as she shows up. I attached a picture taken a week ago of Jen in the final stretch...man she looks great!

I showed up to work yesterday, you know to plan my week and get things ready like I do every work week, and when I arrived at work and opened my Outlook calendar to see what I had going on, I realized that this work week is a bit different...On Thursday instead of the usual conference call and the gathering by the coffee maker, my calendar says that at 4:30 it will be Jane's arrival. Well as soon as I read that I did what ever other expecting father should do and closed my calendar...took a deep breath...and completely mentally checked out of work.

If you need me, Ill be the guy at my desk crouched in front of my computer screen reading news sites and looking over my shoulder for another warranted distraction..


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