Tuesday, August 4, 2009

31 weeks and where is my Baby Mama!

So Jane is now hitting the 31 week mark, which is crazy... It keeps moving faster and faster. How's Jen you ask? I'm not sure...over the telephone she said that she is doing well, getting a little hot, and ready to meet her daughter! Jen has been in San Francisco for the past two weeks working on a play, which she loves annnnnnd she just had her first baby shower on Sunday! (loot)! Thanks to everyone who provided us with gifts to assist Lil' Jane when she gets here...the next few weeks my time will be divided amongst living my life, P90X (man its hard) and putting together anything baby related...from 0 to handyman in about 6 weeks.

Soooooo the challenge for this week, since we have Halloween pretty much figured out, is.... What should we do for a Holiday card? If you know Jen and I, chances are we are probably going to aim for something funny/nicely offensive.... I would like to somehow incorporate a onesie for Jane that says "Now that I am safe, I am pro choice" but that might be a bit much ;)

Oh yeah...the garden update: Jane currently is about the size of 4 naval oranges...about 16in long and about 3.3lbs...man she is already bigger than I was when I was born...I hope she has a normal sized head though, for Jen's sake at least....

Hope everyone is well!!!

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  1. Time may seem like it's flying now... but just wait until Jane is born! The next thing you know, you'll be sitting at her high school graduation, weeping like a child and wondering how she grew so quickly. It sucks man!! And it's great, all at the same time.
    By the way, I love your holiday card idea.!!! Very funny!