Tuesday, August 18, 2009

32 weeks 4 days

Well it has been quite an eventful past couple of weeks to say the least! Jen has been running around all over Northern California for the last 3 weeks directing Mulan jr. with about 60 kids ages 9-14. I went up there the last 2 weekends to see everyone as well... 2 weekends ago when I was up there, we had the opportunity to do some shopping (haggling) in China Town for costumes for the play, and we decided to take Jane along (as if she had a choice). It turns out China Town is just Tijuana with a different language...and minus the drug killings and dirty ice of course. I learned how many bags of clothing and plastic swords I could carry at one time (60 kids in the play remember) and Jane learned that she likes Dim Sum (thanks Theresa!) so overall it was a busy and very eventful weekend and I didn't even talk about what we did Saturday at the family picnic!

Then this past weekend I was up there to support Jen during the performances of the play and man she did an amazing job directing these kids. The stage was great, the acting was great, they sang in harmonies and they learned how to do it all in a matter of 3 weeks! Jen worked so hard that she actually lost a pound even though Jane gained a pound, don't worry the Doc says it's all good.

Seeing these 9-14 year old kids sing this weekend made me think of something...I wonder if Jane will be able to sing, well actually at this point I'm hoping she actually can speak normal but if she can, what will her voice sound like? I'll tell you this...she BETTER get her mom's or my dad's voice - well you get the idea. I don't want her to sing for the first time and hear my dad's voice that would be just weird, but I hope she can actually hold a note since her dad (me) has no singing ability whatsoever... I have to be the most tone deaf musician alive, like a no-armed bowler...

So this morning we had our Dr. appt and Momma came down to check out the sonogram...we confirmed again that we are having a girl and not a boy, or a baby with both kibbles and bits ;) Jane now weighs 4lbs and is about 18in long. My mom (Momma) got to see the sonogram which was cool. Everything is right on track - the first shower is down and the second one is this weekend. We already have so much stuff and we are looking forward to getting more, just not quite sure where to put it all!

We are slowly introducing Monster and Tiddles to Jane's things... Oh yeah those are our cats that are 18lbs and 24lbs respectively! Tiddles just wants to sleep on her clothes, and Monster just wants to eat and could care less about her things... We will see how they change once Jane gets here!

I'm sure this was long enough and most of you probably gave up reading by now, but if you didn't then I'm sorry for fooling you into my ramblings. Take care and we will update you in the next few weeks.

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