Friday, July 24, 2009

Jane Mustafa - 29 weeks

So I used to always poke fun at people that counted their babies age in weeks…till I was about to have a baby. My goodness, every website, every person you speak with, everything baby related is a week long process so this week, is week 29! Maybe it’s because parents realize that their babies grow constantly day in and day out and it’s a better way to manage all the changes…who knows but I’m slowly getting used to it.

Jen this week is feeling great, I’m bummed because she will be in San Francisco for the next 3 weeks, man I’m getting separation anxiety just writing this… I’m not that much of a fan of her being gone at 29 weeks pregnant. (See, I count in weeks) It will be great for her though and I will definitely be making a few trips up there to visit, someone has to continue to whisper Jane’s hopeful first word of “burrito” into Jen’s belly!

Speaking of Jen, we have been having a lot of conversations lately about what we think little Jane will look like…(I’m praying anything close to Jen, and hopefully she won’t look like cabbage, which is how big she is this week) We share no similar features so it’s kind of a crap shoot, a baby crap shoot. Jane could have a round face with great big sparkling eyes like Jen or a pointy nose, sunken small eyes and a strict jaw line like me….So for your viewing pleasure we took a 100% accurate morphing picture of the two of us, you know just see the possibilities and after our results we have now learned that we are having a terrorist. Does Jane mean Mustafa in terrorist? Hmmmm well check the pictures and see for yourself….

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  1. Okay, where are the pictures? .. Let's see, your nose, Jen's eyes, your hair,,,but the color of Jen's.... your mouth, Jen's smile,,, Jen's cheeks and your ears... Hmmm, are you sure we aren't talking vegetables here?