Friday, November 20, 2009


So I started this blog in order to really get a handle on my thoughts and feeling about the process of growing into a father and being able to share them with those that know our family, and even some that don’t. The process of actually having a child has been a really powerful thing... It's fun and exciting and challenging and I love the “unknowns”... what will she look like, what will her voice sound like, and is she gonna put us in a home, or maybe attempt to take care of us while I’m relishing in being an old man that can’t control his temper let alone his bowels... ;)

So for the parents that read the above statement, I’m sure every one of you can relate with what it's like becoming a parent and yet, our experience is completely unnatural and completely different then a “normal” birth that most go through... but the fundamental aspect of what it feels like and means to be a parent is still the same. I just think that’s pretty cool and that it's something I feel a lot of people lose sight of as life starts getting in the way. Anywho enough rambling on that...

Jane had her first surgery on November 6th. The procedure that was done was called a Damus Kaye Stansel, or as we called it: ”Plumbing” They basically did some things to the heart to allow her to grow and eat and progress until the next surgery sometime next spring...

She did great, man she is tough... tougher than Jen and I that’s for sure! The recovery is going great, we had a little hiccup on Sunday that really wore on Jen and I, but Jane has bounced back heavily from that also (like she seems to do with everything). I guess due to the heart surgery, there was a little bit of blood in her brain that caused her to have some mild seizures where she would basically hold her breath and not stop holding her breath... The docs said that there is no worry of any long time effects so that’s good.

Jane is still everyone in the NICU’s favorite baby, she has quite a fan club from nurses and doctors... it doesn’t hurt that she smiles at everyone she makes eye contact with! She is recovering well and we should have her home again soon which will be awesome!

Also the NICU has been great, Jen managed to get into a little scuffle with a nurse that I think was Grateful Dead’s tour nurse because her skin looked like something that would hang between moccasins and leather purses, her hair looked like Dumbledore’s, and she smelled like she slept with the Marlboro man. Jen took care of it very professionally with a “Do you want to feed her or are you going to let me feed my child?!” It was very warranted on Jen’s part and any of us would have done the same... of course they waited to exchange words while I was washing my hands, but they gave us a new nurse so that was great.

Well all in all she is doing well, we appreciate the love and support and I will update everyone when she comes home!

PS – We call her “Tug” because every time we walk up she smiles and Jen said it “tugs” on her heart...

-The Mulligans.

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  1. Ah,,, it never gets easy guys. No matter what you go through as parents, your children will keep you on your toes, and at your wit's end. They get sick, have their heart's broken (no pun intended there,) make some bad choices,,, and all we can do sometimes as parents is stand behind them and catch them if they fall. You and Jen are getting an accelerated course in the worrying part of parenthood for sure. We are all keeping you in our thoughts and prayers...cuz even parents need parents sometimes. God bless your little family :)