Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 23 - It's really in there

So this is my first post.... I figured I would wait till 23 weeks of this crazy thing to start blogging about it. Why, you ask? No big reason except now there is something in her belly now, slightly resembling an actual human....which is as weird as hell in its own right but pretty cool nonetheless...

Mother is fantastic of course. She has barely put on any weight ( I would normally divulge the actual statistics to you, but as of the writing of the blog, approval from the source has yet to be received.) Therefore, please at this point think of a weight, then subtract 10, she looks normal from behind and just a little round belly in the front its adorable... I can't lie...

I had no idea that pregnancy meant that the mother to be learns how to be a Chef. I sometimes think that Giada de Laurentis is actually our personal chef, and a friend of ours. I have never eaten as well as I have since Jen's been pregnant, I think its trickery on her part... Either way, my doctor would probably be worried about me! Ok to really give you some information, it's amazing. If Jane can cook half as good as her mother on a bad night this world would be a better place. Everything is always made like its on TV, and some point I pray that when Jane comes, this new found and newly explored love of Jen's never leaves...She could have a TV show, a pregnant cooking motherly glow cooking show, and i'll eat the food she makes and probably say something to the likes of, "This ones my favorite." "No seriously it is."

Well thats the updates for us so far, Ill get back everyweek till Jane arrives for the family... because if our friends have any desire to continually read this, well then we will know which ones are thinking about having some of their own.)

In summary:
Jane - Good I think, not sure how to tell but she moves, then stops after Jen eats. (yep, she's related)
Mother - Fantastic, can't sit still. Nesting wonderfully. Beautiful, Larger than when we met. Beautiful.
Me - Fantastic. I wanna build something...Thats normal right?


  1. I love the name! Jane Ellen Morgan. Cool! Nice site Ryan. I'll be tuned in.

  2. Love hearing the male point of view... and love your way with words too. Yes, it's crazy as heck to know there is a little human growing inside you (female point of view...) there is nothing that can ever compare. It's definitely a miracle in the making. By the way, I think the name Jane Ellen is stunning. Good job! Glad Jen is doing well... nothing is as amazing as feeling a tiny human move inside you. Enjoy every minute of it!

  3. Thank you Ryan for blogging about the "JEM" of our family... very creative way to keep us all informed! Enjoy all the moments with Jen. Jen mentioned she was becoming quite the domestic diva-I love it! Love to all three of you and we look forward to following the stories.
    xo-Auntie Nicki